Selma Elementary Spelling Bee

(Left to right) Selma Elementary Spelling Bee winners Kelsey Rhinehart, who finished in second place, and Stacey Rojas who finished in first place after correctly spelling the word ‘kangaroo.’

Selma Elementary hosted its annual spelling bee for fourth graders on Thursday, December 13. After each fourth grade homeroom held their own spelling bee, the final two spellers from each class were selected to represent the class at the schoolwide event in the auditorium.

Spellers proudly took their places on the stage and impressed the judges throughout the event.

The competition was tough, but eventually, only two spellers remained, Kelsey Rhinehart who finished in second place and Stacey Rojas who finished in first place.

Stacey correctly spelling “kangaroo” to win the competition.

Stacey Rojas will represent Selma Elementary at the Johnston County Public Schools districtwide Elementary Spelling Bee competition in 2019.