Selma Middle Brings Ancient Egypt To Life

Selma Middle students Paola Duran-Garcia (left) and Magali Santiago-Olmeda (right) pose as ancient Egyptians.

Students at Selma Middle transformed the school’s media center into an ancient Egyptian land last Thursday.

Sixth grade social studies classes put on an Egyptian Extravaganza featuring “wax models” of famous Egyptian figures that told stories, student-led activities on hieroglyphics, Egyptian games, and food inspired by the crops from that time period.

“Putting together activities like this for students so that the learning for them comes to life and is meaningful is part of why I am a teacher,” said Selma Middle School teacher Rebecca Valente. “Making the content they are learning fun and interesting, especially for social studies and ancient civilizations, provides students with a positive learning experience that they will hopefully take with them as they continue on their education journey.”

For the last several weeks students from Jessica Pilkington and Valente’s classes researched ancient Egypt and studied social classes, famous figures, hieroglyphics, games, and food from ancient Egyptian culture.

The students concluded their research projects with the extravaganza, which helped bring the subject matter to life and made it more relevant to the students.

Students were able to choose the role that interested them most or had the opportunity to be a stagehand and help with the logistics of the event.

Selma Middle students Tyron Webb (left) and Kruz Koellermeier (right) show onlookers how to play an ancient Egyptian game called “Mancala.”

“It was really great to see the students excited about this event and culminating activity,” said Valente.

Parents also came out to show their support and participate in the inspirational learning that is taking place in the classroom.

“Having parents come and see the product of their student’s work, as well as the school administration and teachers, gives them a great sense of confidence and accomplishment,” said Valente.