Selma Middle Ignites Viking Pride In The Community

Teachers rode activity buses advertising the school’s open house while emphasizing Viking Pride throughout Selma on Aug. 23. Standing together (from left) are Assistant Principal Shannon Pawlak, Assistant Principal Ryan Ewell and Principal Christopher Germanoski.

Selma Middle teachers, administrators, and staff spent one of their final days of summer getting students enthusiastic for the school year by taking a Viking Pride Tour throughout the Selma community.

Led by their new principal, Chris Germanoski, teachers and staff boarded two activity buses adorned with banners that read, “Viking Pride Tour” through the streets of Selma.

“The purpose behind the event was multi-fold. We visited our community where they are, welcomed them to our school, and got to know them,” said Germanoski. “Our staff was able to visualize our community and students so we can personalize learning for them. We were able to build a bridge between the community and the school and support our vision of relationships, relevance, and innovation.”

The group made several stops at apartment complexes and neighborhoods throughout the town.  At each stop school staff piled off of the buses and greeted students, parents, and community members with popsicles and information about the school’s upcoming open house.

Selma Middle faculty were also able to spend time with both past and future students either shooting hoops or kicking soccer balls.

“Seeing where my students live and play each day was really eye opening. I was happy to go into their neighborhoods and show them that I genuinely care,” said Emily Shelton, Project Lead the Way teacher. “I saw my principal and assistant principals shaking parents’ hands, and you could really tell that they appreciated the administration taking the time to connect with them. I think that efforts like these are going to open up communication and help us bridge divides.”

Art teacher Dorothy Finiello was proud of her school’s effort to meet the students and their families where they are.

“I felt so much pride during our tour of our neighborhoods in Selma,” said Finiello. “The students were excited to see us, and the parents were very welcoming.”

Those who participated in the Viking Pride Tour echoed Finiello’s sentiments, saying the effort was impactful for staff and students alike.

Germanoski and the Selma Middle staff wanted to keep the lines of communication open and invite the community into Selma Middle School.

”We wanted to be able to do something that had not been done before and create an opportunity to build into future events,” said Germanoski. “It was absolutely the highlight of my summer, and I look forward to working with the community and welcoming everyone to Selma Middle School.”

Germanoski said the community should expect events like these to continue to happen throughout the year as the school continues enacting the tenets of JoCo 2020: relationships, relevance, and innovation.