Selma Will Not Open Town Pool This Year

SELMA – Tuesday afternoon, the Town of Selma and Selma Parks and Recreation announced they will not open the Selma Town Pool for the entire summer.  After careful consideration officials said the decision was made to keep the pool closed in the interest of public health and staff safety.

Town of Selma Photo

Director of Parks and Recreation Billy Roach said, “The safety of our participants is our number one priority. The logistical challenges of being able to provide these services safely would severely limit the number of our citizens who would be able to access these services. While this was a difficult decision, we have determined that the challenges described above outweigh the benefit to the few that we would be able to safely serve.”

Mr. Roach said opening the pool created several safety challenges and concerns related to Covid-19 including the need to minimize the amount of people within the smaller pool facilities and ensuring equitable access; the need to require visitors and staff to maintain a social distance and wear masks when they cannot; and the need to increase cleaning and sanitizing frequencies required for decks, surfaces, and locker rooms which would require additional staff.

Officials said the Parks and Recreation Department staff is dedicated to supporting and providing recreational progress.  They are exploring ways for the community to continue to engage with the Town via virtual community and fitness programs during the temporary impacts of COVID-19.  More opportunities will be announced in the near future.

For more information visit the Selma Parks and Recreation Facebook and Instagram page as well as for updates about operations and facilities.

Citizens with questions about the Selma Pool should contact Selma Parks and Recreation at 919-975-1411.