Selma Police K9 Samu Retires Due To Injury

K9 Officer Samu excitedly receives recognition and granted a happy retirement!

Retired police officer Don Wilson (left) and Police Chief Jamie Hughes (right) with retired K9 Samu. Town of Selma Photo

SELMA – Members of the Selma Town Council recognized K9 Officer Samu on Tuesday, March 9th, with the help of Police Chief Jamie Hughes. Chief Hughes has now sadly seen a total of five K9 retirements throughout the duration of his career in Selma.

K9 Officer Samu experienced an injury in late 2023 during a training session. A scan following the injury showed that more harm would come if Samu continued his career. The decision was then made in the best interest of Samu to retire him.

Samu, now nearly four years old, began his career with the Selma Police Department in 2021.

“He’s one of the finest K9s I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.” Chief Hughes said.

A very excited Samu attended the Council meeting and attempted to join council members at the table, expressing his appreciation for their

Mayor Byron McAllister thanked K9 Officer Samu for his service as he read a prepared resolution. Following protocol, Samu was placed under surplus and then purchased by retired Selma Police Officer Don Wilson.

Samu will be cared for and live out the remainder of a safe and happy life with the Wilson family.


  1. Congrats to K9 officer Samu. My only wish is that you would not refer to him as surplus and a purchase. To me that is very disrespectful to a Law Enforcement Officer. He is a hero!! Not a thing.

    • It’s a dog. If it wasn’t reported the way it was, people would complain that their tax dollars paid to purchase the dog so why did the officer get him for free, blah blah blah. You can’t please everyone.

      • I agree with D. Pittman, Officer Samu was an officer of the law and deserves the respect of his or her title. I also think that there could have been a better way to say it but to you this is Bla Bla Bla also!

      • Well this shows how much you actually know about this. The dogs are purchased with grant money or seized drug money.

  2. Totally agree D. Pittman. I am however glad to see that he will stay with his handler. These type dogs develop such a bond with their partner. May he live out his remaining days as a dog should. Thank you for your service Samu.

  3. Thanks for your service, Officer Samu. You did a great job and never even asked for anything in return. If things don’t work out with the Wilsons, then you have a home with our family.

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