Selma Rejects Outdoor Flea Market

Selma Town Councilman William Overby was the only councilman to vote in favor of an outdoor flea market that was rejected in a 4-to-1 vote. WTSB Photo

In a split vote, Selma town leaders have rejected a request to allow outdoor flea markets in certain areas of town. 

Jim Uzzle and Doug Brown had petitioned the Town Council to amend a rule to allow outdoor flea markets in the General Business Zoning District.   Uzzle said he would like to turn a car wash he owns at 1555 Lizzie Street into an outdoor flea market that would operate on Saturday’s and Sunday’s only. 

Julie Maybee, Planning and Economic Development Director for the Town of Selma, said the general business district includes businesses like government offices, fire stations, banks, barber shops, car washes, veterinarians, bed and breakfast, and bingo halls, which are geared toward the daily convenience of citizens.

Maybee said she was concerned it would set a precedent, not only for this property, but others in the General Business area.  “This is a gateway corridor coming into town.”

The planning board had recommended the rule not be changed, Maybee said.

Councilman William Overby asked, “Does it bring revenue to the town?”

In a 4-to-1 vote, with Councilman Overby casting the only supporting vote to the request to change the zoning rule and allow outdoor flea markets in the district failed.