Selma Town Manager Resigns After 7 Weeks On The Job


SELMA – After just seven weeks on the payroll, Selma Town Manager Jeff Temple has resigned.   Mr. Temple submitted his resignation Thursday to the Selma Town Council.   The council voted unanimously to accept his resignation, which took effect immediately.  

Mayor Byron McAllister released the following statement on Friday. “The Selma Town Council has made it clear that we hold our staff to high standards.  We expect our staff to be courteous and respectful to each other.  We expect staff to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.  We expect staff to perform the task related to their positions at a high level.  We expect staff to take the best care possible, within the responsibilities of the Town of Selma, of our residents, business owners, and stakeholders.  We have seen in the past where failure to hold staff to high standards has led to what can only be described as the decay of Selma, NC.  The significant improvements that have happened in all areas of Selma’s operations and are happening throughout Selma are a constant reminder to our Town Council of the need to maintain an organization that strives for excellence.  For our longtime residents and newer residents like me, the change is easy to see.”

Mr. Temple was hired by the Selma Town Council on August 17 and began work August 18. He received a two year contract and an annual salary of $65,000. His resignation came after just 48 days as Selma’s manager. Previously, he had been the city administrator in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  

We attempted to reach Mr. Temple for a comment about his sudden departure. As of the publication of this article we have not received a reply, but will update our story if we do.

Selma Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel has been named as the Interim Manager.


  1. By looking at the picture of Mr Temple, he doesn’t look like the brightest bulb in the box. Maybe we should try hiring smarter people.

      • @tellthetruth: I wasn’t referring to him winning a beauty pageant, I was referring to him looking not smart enough to be a town manager. Selma really needs to rethink their hiring process.

    • what a moronic thing to say. looking at his picture you made that determination? if only we could see and judge you.

  2. Selma has some law abiding good citizens living within the city limits. Unfortunately Selma has more than its share of non law abiding criminals living in the city limits. If you dare ride the back streets of Selma a couple of hours around midnight.
    As far as the town manager goes, too many people want to tell them how to do their job. Those individuals think they are above the town manager when actually only in their minds do they hold any significant power.

  3. Does anyone ever think about how many town managers and governments we have in JoCo, and the towns are not where people and jobs are going, maybe with Clayton as the only exception.

  4. Don’t worry us progressive liberals are working to get the old Kenly town manager Justin Jones employed here in Selma to promote a more Woke, Transgender and CRT progressive agenda and move Selma into a more positive 21st century sanctuary community that will be inclusive for all!!!

  5. If the Town of Selma would elect smart representatives maybe our Town Managers would stay longer, We have a Council that runs the town and they also run good people out faster than they can hire them. That was good a good guy who was smart enough to get out before it got bad! Smart move, in my book

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