Selma Unveils Design Of New Historical Markers

Markers for Selma’s historic homes will look something like this but with fewer lines of text to keep the price affordable.

By: Scott Bolejack

The Town of Selma has markers that denote its three historic districts.

Soon, the town will help residents hang signs on their historic homes.

The Town Council signed off on the design of markers that Selma will offer to homeowners to purchase.

“It would be optional,” said Byron McAllister, head of Selma’s Historic Properties Commission. “It would not be anything where we say you have to buy one.”

With roughly three lines of text, the 12-inch by 10-inch aluminum markers would cost about  $70, McAllister told the council. “And $70 a pop, if you can keep it on your house for a lifetime, it’s not a bad deal,” he said.

In the past, Selma had used wooden plaques on historic homes, but the paint on those faded quickly, McAllister said. “We felt that going with aluminum markers for longevity would probably be the best way to go,” he said.

Homeowners would choose the text on their markers, McAllister said.