Senator Brent Jackson Seeks Reelection

Surrounded by family and friends, North Carolina Senator Brent Jackson (R-Sampson) filed for reelection Monday afternoon at the Sampson County Board of Elections.

“Serving the people of Duplin, Johnston, and Sampson Counties in the State Legislature has been one of the biggest honors of my life,” Jackson said after filing for reelection. “I appreciate the support and trust that everyone has shown me since I was first elected. Together, we have accomplished many great achievements to move North Carolina forward.”

“We have reformed our tax code, balanced the budget every year, rebuilt the Rainy Day Fund to its highest level ever, passed 5 Farm Acts, and the list goes on and on. However, there is still work to be done, and it would be a privilege to continue to serve our state in the General Assembly.”

Senator Jackson is Co-Chairman of the Senate Appropriations/Base Budget Committee, Co-Chairman of the Agriculture and Forestry Awareness Study Commission, and also serves on the Senate Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee, Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate, Senate Finance Committee, and Senate Judiciary Committee.

The 10th Senate District consists of Duplin County, Sampson County and the geographical majority of Johnston County, which are all largely rural and heavily dependent on agriculture.

Senator Jackson is a founding member of the Agriculture and Rural Caucus of the North Carolina General Assembly and was elected to the Legislative Board of the international organization State Agriculture and Rural Leaders in January of 2014. He is the co-founder and previous President and CEO of Jackson Farming Company of Autryville, a diversified operation that grows produce, tobacco, and grain.


  1. Senator Brent Jackson is another one of our elected officials I have contacted for help and have received NOTHING. We have a serious problem in NC and our country with hard working Americans who have been hit with substantial health issues and aren’t able to work. They have applied for disability social security, have been denied numerous times and end up losing their home and everything they own while our government denies them the assistance they should receive. Our government does NOT want you to own anything! The majority of these hard working Americans will NOT receive any assistance UNTIL THEY BECOME HOMELESS! Is this what America has become for people who have worked their whole lives, paid their taxes, and have paid into the system, and then can’t get any help???? Our elected officials have completely ignored this problem, have their heads in the sand, or just simply don’t care! This is yet another example of how our “good ol’ boys” up in Raleigh and Washington are out of touch with the average American! They care more about helping illegal immigrants than they do their own people who voted them in office! Wake up, America!

    • It took me 8 years to receive social security disability due to my health issues. 8 years!

      I don’t agree with your last statement about illegal immigrants however. Most are hard working and just want a way to a better life. I don’t know any that are lazy, but I know plenty of American citizens that are.

  2. The main issue with illegal immigrants is that they are ILLEGAL. God Bless all immigrants that come across our borders that want to be a part of our great country. But we need immigration reform badly. 90% of our drug problem comes through our southern border and just as you may not let every person come into your home we don’t need to let EVERY foreign person onto our native soil. But back to the main point: WE NEED TO GET RID OF CAREER POLITICIANS WHO ARE DOING NOTHING AND DRAIN THE SEWER HERE IN NC AND IN WASHINGTON!

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