Report: Sex Offender Leads Officers On 100 MPH Chase

NEWTON GROVE – A sex offender wanted for a parole violation is back behind bars but only after a high speed chase with Johnston County law enforcement officers.

On November 3, probation and parole requested deputies assist them with locating Johnnie Elmer Williams, age 27, of Erwin. Williams, a convicted sex offender, had absconded from probation. Officers received information he was at a home on Thornton Road, Newton Grove, in southern Johnston County.

As deputies and probation officers arrived at the address, Williams was spotted running to a car, jumping inside, then fleeing the yard onto Thornton Road.

Deputies attempted to stop the Pontiac he was driving but he failed to pull over. The chase reached speeds of 100 miles per hour before the suspect stopped on Randall Chapel Road and ran across a field.

Deputies pursued Williams on foot and ordered him to stop running. He refused and was tased.

Williams was arrested on multiple offenses including fleeing to elude arrest, possession of methamphetamine, resisting a public officers, speeding, reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to report a new address as a sex offender and parole violation.

Williams was arrested in 2018 and later convicted for the sex assault of a 14 year-old juvenile.


  1. So a deputy can not fire a weapon (in fear for his life after being hit by a car) But they can tase a guy running (no threat to the officers)

  2. I think it’s absolutely disgusting how JoCo Report or any other reporter , also the system completely
    Outright degrades a person by their background . It is supposed to be confidential information. People these days are so judgemental and will label a person within seconds. Have more respect for people and the county then to label the topic “Sex Offender” ok that is not his name first off. Second , It’s automatically makes other people think that he is the worst person in the world and he has no chance.. I definitely feel this should be taken off . I will look further into this because I believe slandering is illegal and this just isn’t right.

    • Sex offenders are not confidential first of. That’s why they go on a registry that’s PUBLIC. And secondly it’s not slandering. They are reporting the Truth about a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER.

    • What’s disgusting is you’re making him out to be a victim. He degraded himself when he chose to abuse a child. The community has a right and obligation to protect it’s children. He IS the worst type of person. A CONVICTED CHILD PREDATOR! And he was given a second chance (probation) which he screwed up drastically. He brought all judgement and lack of confidence to do better on himself. You should be looking further into why he wasn’t in prison 5yrs after abusing a child. That’s what isn’t right.

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