Sheriff: Elderly Man Murdered By Stranger In His Own Yard

Johnston County Report Photo

FOUR OAKS – Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said Friday detectives are continuing to investigate the murder of a 79 year-old man at his southern Johnston County home.

Shortly after 1:00pm Thursday, deputies said Keith Lloyd Slocum was at his residence at 4092 US Highway 701 South when he was fatally stabbed by a stranger, 25 year-old Isaac James Martin, of 116 E. Wellons Street, Smithfield. Authorities said Slocum tried to defend himself while being stabbed. Martin was shot several times but managed to get into his pickup truck and flee.

Responding deputies located the pickup truck on Highway 301 and chased Martin until he reached his home on Wellons Street. EMS transported Martin to WakeMed where he is being treated for serious but non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

Other responding deputies located Mr. Slocum deceased in his yard.

“It is so sad that Mr. and Mrs. Slocum were living their golden years and while protecting his family and property, Mr. Slocum was murdered by a stranger in his own yard. We need to keep the Slocum family in our thoughts and prayers during this time,” Sheriff Bizzell told The Johnston County Report.

Authorities said the homicide appears to be random and with no connection between the victim and suspect and no reason Martin should have been at the address.

A murder warrant has been obtained against Martin. He will be served with the warrant once released from WakeMed.


  1. So sorry for Mr. Slocum and his family our once safe country has finally degraded to this locally folks. I wonder if the Democrats will offer the Slocum family the million dollars or is it $400,000.00 dollars for their family loss, like they are wanting to give to the ones that are crossing our border? All of these crazy events locally and national is because our leaders have abandoned us. Our safety is gone folks.

  2. How does it feel citizens to be living in real time of a collapsing United States of America? We only need to look in the mirror, we as citizens voted this disrespect of law in.

    • I just want my $450,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 for coming across the southern border illegally, Mr. NativeReturn can you tell me which one is it $450,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 please help me with this, I know you are a educated man and can answer my question?

      • Trying to reason with ignorance is like administering medicine to the dead.
        That is referring to your depth of knowledge, Sir.
        Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than open your mouth and
        remove all doubt.

  3. Trying to reason in todays environment is about as useless as me trying to win an argument with my wife. It ain’t gonna happen very often. How ever violence is not the answer. A hug goes a lot farther. Having said this hope this killer gets his. And i’m not talking bout a hug.

    Side note can anyone explain to me the $450,000 payout. WhereTF that come from? I’m at a loss for words. As tax paying folks we should be ashamed to support such.

  4. Easy, easy NativeReturn we can all see when my God given superior intellect offends those that are not as fortunate as me. Now Mr. NativeReturn this is where I recognize your lack of skills of intellectual thinking and with my compassionate conservative teaching skills I have afforded you the link that will inform you of how your Socialist-Democrats that have tied $450,000.00 to every illegal alien that was so-called separated from their parents when crossing the southern border illegally. Not even our veterans or 911 victims are thought of this way by you Socialist-Democrats?

  5. Medical tyranny, murder on the rise. Moneys tight, robbery on the rise. Yes, all this do to a corrupt illegitimate president and his regime to finish off the US. Be ready guys, war is coming, the south will rise again, we’ll take no prisoners.

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