Smithfield Town Manager Receives Pay Increase

Smithfield Town Manager Mike Scott

The Smithfield Town Council has given Town Manager Mike Scott a salary increase following the completion of his annual performance evaluation.  Mr. Scott was first hired in October 2009 as the town’s police chief. In May 2016 he was hired as manager.

Smithfield Mayor Andy Moore said, “Mike continues to do a great job for the Town of Smithfield. He makes an effort to understand the community concerns and he works proactively with community stakeholders to address issues. Mike has effectively executed the desires of the Council and his strategic leadership abilities are critical as the Town of Smithfield prepares for accelerated growth.  Due mostly to Mike’s fiscal management, the town’s general fund balance is approximately 90%, which is outstanding, as this allows us to prepare for needed infrastructure and capital improvements that will position the town to grow in a proactive, orderly and intelligent manner. Mike is professional, knowledgeable, and he is a pleasure to work with as we navigate the delicate process of wisely spending tax payer money while providing the highest level of town services.”

“I want to thank the Community and the Council for the confidence they had in me to bring me from Iowa to serve them in the capacity of Police Chief and now Town Manager. It continues to be a great experience with Smithfield now being our home. We now have family here and our church family at First Christian Church is also a big part of our lives,” Mr. Scott said.

“As a Town Manager, you get little done by yourself. The Town is fortunate to have great department heads and employees that work hard everyday to improve the quality of our citizens’ lives and further advance, intelligent economic and residential community growth. Our Council is second to none and always places the interest of our citizens first by making informed decisions that are conservative in nature and move Town government forward. Smithfield has a great future with strong rainy day funds, low utility rates, low crime and a strong history of exceptional services. I am very blessed to be a part of this Town and its government,” Mr. Scott added.

Following the annual review, Scott received a ten percent salary increase to $121,012.