Smithfield Votes To Close Unopened Street

At the urging of adjacent property owners, the Smithfield Town Council has taken the first step towards closing an unopened portion of Meadowbrook Drive in South Smithfield.

A section of Meadowbrook Drive exists on maps but it has never been opened.  Residents whose property adjoins the unopened street between Vermont and First Streets petitioned the town council to officially close the roadway created and approved in the 1970’s but never constructed or opened.  Even though the street only exists on a map, the town must still go through same the process to close it.

Town Attorney Bob Spence said it does not appear the Town will ever develop the street and it would be in the best interest to allow the property to revert back to the adjacent landowners.

Councilman Emery Ashley asked Spence about a draining ditch in the dedicated roadway easement and who would be responsible for its maintenance.   Spence said if the ditch became blocked or was a nuisance the town could still go in and fix the problem like any other ditch in their jurisdiction.

The Council adopted a resolution agreeing to start the process of closing the unopened portion of Meadowbrook Drive. The vote was unanimous.