Smithfield Water, Electric Improvements Funded

Homes and businesses in West Smithfield should see better water pressure once the Town of Smithfield installs new altitude values on water tanks in town.

The new valves will be installed on the towns two elevated water tanks.  Public Utilities Director Ted Credle said that once installed, the valves will enable the water department to supply a greater water volume and better pressure to customers in West Smithfield. Also, the new valves will eliminate the occasional spillage of water from both water tanks.  The total cost for the purchase and installation was $71,834, slightly over the $60,000 budget for the work.

The Town of Smithfield is also purchasing 1,240 more automated electric meters at a cost of $180,192.  Once received the new meters will be installed in areas south of Davis Street to Wilson Street and west of Brightleaf Boulevard to the Neuse River.  The town had previously order $85,439 worth of smart meters.  The total cost to install the new meters throughout the Town is projected to run $500,000.