Social Media Threat Against School A Hoax

A Johnston County high school was briefly placed on lockdown Wednesday following a threat of violence on social media.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, Smithfield Police Department and NC State Highway Patrol responded to Smithfield Selma High School Wednesday morning after someone saw the online threat. The social media post was determined to be a hoax.

The hoax was similar to social media threats Tuesday at Corinth Holders High, and other schools in Wake and Cumberland Counties.

Officials in all three counties investigating.


  1. In the future please tell your kid to get off the cell phone, stay where they are… and parents do NOT go to the school to pick them up, you only get in the way and they are safe where they are. If they can walk out to leave with you then the threat, if it ever is real, is over anyway….

    • Well considering I didn’t get a call about it until well after it was over, I would rather my kid have a phone so he can text me and say he is okay.

  2. I was at NCS right across the street. We were in Full Lockdown for about 30 min. I saw 4 cop cars zooming into the school.

  3. There are no deterants for this behavior. Parents aren’t parenting and their kids run a muck. I bet you start holding the parents accountable they’ll pay attention. Expel the offender from school permanently, charge them with a felony with jail time and fine the parents $10,000, to cover law enforcement expenses for their kids stupid on-line threat. I bet they’ll get the message then.

    • I can speak from unfortunate experience, that if a student even says something that another student could even remotely construe as a threat of mass violence against a school, even if they said it or not, that the child is removed from the school for the rest of the school year and sent to “safe school”, arrested and charged with a felony, and held on a $10,000.00 bond. So even when 2 students are talking about skipping school the next day, and 1 of them says, “Don’t come to school tomorrow” and another student took that as a threat to the school, there are SEVERE consequences for the student.

  4. I think as a parent it’s not weather or not the treat was real but the fact that there were multiple school shooting since the start of school this year around the state, so for me can’t NO ONE protect my kids like i can period

    • They did. Some 17 year old (they won’t release their name because they’re a minor). I was in the lockdown and it was scary. We were in a large closet so we couldn’t hear the announcements very well. It took forever and the whole time people were texting their family and friends.

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