Speeding Complaints Prompt Four Way Stop

Following complaints about speeding motorists, the Town of Smithfield has converted a South Smithfield intersection from a two-way stop to a four-way stop.

Police Chief Keith Powell said complaints had been received about speeders on South Second Street near Southwood Drive.  Nearby residents asked police if speed humps could be installed to slow down drivers.

Chief Powell said officers conduct radar enforcement in the area and determined the average speed of drivers on South Second near Southwood was between 32 and 47 miles per hour in a 25 MPH zone. Police also noted several children were playing in their yards near the busy street.   He said officers issue citations in the area as time allows but agreed more was needed.

Chief Powell said drivers increase their speed while traveling down South Second due to no traffic controls in the area.  He investigated the possibility of speed humps being placed in the roadway but they would cost $1,074, which is not in the current budget.

Powell recommended stop signs be placed on South Second at Parker Street. Stop signs are already in place on Parker. The police chief said the new 4-way stop should force drivers to slow down in the area.

The new stop signs went up earlier this week.  Police will still monitor South Second Street looking for speeders.  JoCoReport.com Photo