SSS Battle Of The Books Team Wins First Place

The Smithfield Selma High School (SSS) Battle of the Books team placed first in the countywide virtual competition on Friday, April 16 over Cleveland and Clayton.

The team members included Jaime Suggs, Kyra Worth, Jude Reece, Catherine Cepin, Ruthie Nutt, and Maya Mercier. The faculty advisor is Angela Causby.

Pictured from left to right: Kyra Worth, Mrs. Angela Causby, Jude Reece, Ruthie Nutt and Jaime Sugg; On screen: Catherine Cepin and Maya Mercier.

These dedicated students wanted to compete this year even if it meant reading 15 books in a little over three months. Their commitment led the team to an early lead that the other schools could not compete with and to an all-time high score of 104.

SSS is proud of these students and their commitment.