Stripes Painted On Roadway Washes Away In Rain

The NC Department of Transportation tells WTSB News they will conduct a full investigation into stripes painted on a Johnston County roadway on Tuesday that began washing away during light rain on Wednesday morning.

The DOT said a contractor, Whitehurst Paving of Virginia, was hired to chip seal Jones Road from Wilson’s Mills Road to the dead end in the Town of Wilson’s Mills this Fall.  Chip sealing involves spraying gravel and tar over the existing pavement to seal over cracks and preserve the highway.

Whitehurst Paving completed the chip sealing work then hired a subcontractor to paint the yellow center line on Jones Road.  The subcontractor, whose name was not released, did the work on Tuesday according to Wilson’s Mills residents and Jones Road homeowners who spoke with WTSB today.

When the rain began falling this morning the painted yellow lines began washing away.

Andrew Barksdale, Public Relations Officer for the NC DOT in Raleigh, said Whitehurst Paving has been doing work for the Department of Transportation across the entire state for many years and is a very reputable and responsible company. The issue, Barksdale said, is with the subcontractor hired by Whitehurst Paving.

Barksdale said the subcontractor will ultimately be responsible for fixing the problem.

The DOT plans to investigate to determine if it was weather related, an application issue or a problem with the materials that were used by the subcontractor.

The paint appears to be water-based and there is no environmental hazard. It is also unlikely to cause any damage to cars that have driven through the yellow paint.

However, if you vehicle does sustain any damage you are asked to file a claim online with the NC DOT.

Once you complete the form mail it to: NCDOT Division 4, 2671 US 70 West Goldsboro, NC 27530

Barksdale said the DOT first learned of the problem from WTSB News.  Once the investigation into the road issues in Wilson’s Mills are completed by the DOT we will follow up and let you know the outcome.