Student Facing Weapons Charge For Bow And Arrow Found In Vehicle

A high school student will appear before a judge in April after being charged with bringing a bow and 8 arrows onto the campus of Corinth Holders High School.

The incident was reported Thursday afternoon by the school resource officer, according to Tammy Amaon, Public Information Officer, with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

JoCo-News-FI-ImageAmaon said the officer was in the student parking lot investigating several vehicles that did not have a required parking pass.  He looked inside one of the vehicles and saw a bow and arrow case. A short time later the student returned to his truck and, accompanied by the principal, the officer searched the interior.

A bow and 8 arrows were found inside the case. The 17 year-old student told the officer he forgot the items were in his vehicle, Amaon said.

After consulting with the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office, the student was cited for possession of a weapon on educational property, a misdemeanor offense. He was released into the custody of a parent.

In 2013, a Princeton High student made national headlines when he was arrested for having a shotgun in his vehicle on school grounds.  The student initially claimed he forgot the weapon was in his vehicle but later admitted to fabricating a story to cover up his actions. The student was later convicted of a misdemeanor offense after apologizing to the school system and law enforcement.