Superintendent Receives Contract Extension

The Johnston County Board of Education has extended the contract of School Superintendent Dr. Ross Renfrow.

Renfrow was named the leader of Johnston County Public Schools in March 2016 replacing former Superintendent Dr. Ed Croom who retired.

Renfrow’s initial contract was for 3 years, ending June 30, 2019.  The new contract extends his employment by one additional year to June 30, 2020. The longest contract allowed under state law is 4 years.

The decision to extend his contract was unanimous.


Dr. Renfrow told WTSB News the school board had discussed extending his contract last June – three months after he was hired – but at his request wanted to wait for any extension until after the November school board elections. “They may not want me as their superintendent,” Dr. Renfrow said. “This allowed the new board to be seated (to decide) whether they wanted me to continue to serve.”

Renfrow said it was a personal request any vote on a contract extension be made after the elections, which saw Ronald Johnson and Teresa Grant elected to the board. Todd Sutton was later appointed to fill a seat vacated by Larry Strickland.

Renfrow called the decision to extend his contract an additional year “humbling.”

“Just to know those elected officials think we are doing things the right way, it humbles you and inspired you to do a great job every day.”

Renfrow’s received a salary of $215,022 when hired in 2016. His contract terms have not changed. He will received a 3 percent cost of living increase each year, 15 days of annual leave, reimbursement for both in-county and out-of-county travel. He will continue to receive $10,000 per year to go to a retirement plan of his choice.

If terminated from his position, Renfrow will receive compensation equal to 2 years salary or the end date of his contract, whichever is sooner. In return, Renfrow cannot accept any outside employment that would interfere with his duties and responsibilities as superintendent.

Before becoming superintendent last year, he served as deputy superintendent for 38 months.