Expired: Suspect Thanks Police Officer For Arresting Him

It’s not often a police officer receives a “thank you.”  It’s almost unheard of for a suspect being placed in handcuffs to thank the arresting officer for taking them to jail. But that happened to a local policeman arresting a suspect on Friday, April 14th.

Around 3:00am that morning, a Selma police officer was on US 70 near Interstate 95 when he noticed a green Nissan leave the parking lot of a convenience store and accelerate rapidly onto US 70. The officer saw the car weaving and had even crossed into the oncoming lane when he activated his blue lights.

During a traffic stop on JR Road the driver identified as 27 year-old Jermaine Lee Dean of Clayton allegedly admitted to consuming alcohol at a nearby club. He registered 0.15 on the Breathalyzer, nearly double the legal limit of 0.08 in North Carolina.

While at the Selma Police Department, Dean reportedly thanked the officer for getting him off the streets before he could have possibly hurt someone.

“You saved a life tonight by getting me off of the street,” Dean allegedly told his arresting officer.

Dean was charged with driving while impaired and released on a $3,000 bond pending a May 22nd court date.