Tanker Breaks Free From Semi

Westbound lanes of Interstate 40 in Johnston County were partially closed for two hours Thursday afternoon after a full-loaded tanker trailer came loose from a semi.

The mishap occurred at the 312 mile marker near the Highway 42 interchange.

The tanker contained over 6,000 gallons of used hydraulic fluid.  The truck was headed from Mt. Olive, NC to Youngstown, Ohio when the tanker detached from the truck and the kingpin dug a long trench into the pavement on I-40 before stopping in the roadway.

No fluids spilled from the tanker but traffic quickly began backing up on I-40.  Troopers were able to allow drivers to slowly pass on the right shoulder until the roadway could be patched and a second truck brought to the scene to offload the hydraulic fluid from the first tanker.

Investigators said it appears the kingpin on the trailer broke and that it had been properly attached by the driver before leaving Mt. Olive. No injuries were reported. No charges were filed.   Photos by John Payne



  1. The King pin broke, wow! After driving 18-wheelers and pastoring churches. I have never heard
    this happening. I drove trucks and semi’s for 35 years. They can come unhooked if not properly
    hooked up. But the kingpin to break had to be a factory default. King pins just do not break unless been forced in repeated in proper hook ups. When backing up the tractor to the trailer, you do not have to slam your tractor into the trailer. If the trailer is its proper height hook up
    should be easy with a gentle click, then you pull the tractor forward to see if you are hooked.
    Now this driver seems to have done the correct way of hook up because of how far he had driving before the trailer came loose. If tractor and trailer is not hook properly while hooking up
    it would come loose right there at that time. I am thankful that no one got hurt. It could have been a nasty accident with the trailer coming loose. Praise the LORD for watching over everyone involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • After being in transportation for 40+years, I , also, have never seen a king pin break. Never seen one crack. Everything you wrote is absolutely spot on. Good writing, Driver.

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