Teacher Injured After Being Assaulted By Student

A Johnston County high school teacher suffered minor injuries after being assaulted by a student.

The incident was reported Thursday afternoon on the campus of West Johnston High School on Raleigh Road near Benson.

According to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, a teacher spotted a student wearing a hat and ear buds during class. The teacher told the student he was not allowed to wear them and asked him to remove the items. Instead of complying the student, identified as Anthony Lee Mueller, 17, of Benson, reportedly threatened the teacher prompting a second teacher to intervene and take Mueller to a different room.

While in a separate room, Mueller tried to forcibly leave the room in an attempt to assault the first teacher.  The second teacher attempted to physically restrain Mueller from leaving the room and in the process suffered a laceration to the hand, according to the sheriff’s office.

A school resource officer took Mueller into custody. He was charged with assault on a school employee, disorderly conduct and communicating threats.
He was taken to the Johnston County Courthouse and after appearing before a magistrate was placed in the Johnston County Jail under a $10,000 bond.