Teacher Scammed In Email She Thought Was From Principal

The email appears to be from your boss who needs your help but doesn’t want you to tell anyone. The email instructs you to buy gift cards for your co-workers but you have to keep it a secret.

A Wake County school teacher living in Johnston County received one of the emails on Friday. Unfortunately she fell for the scam.

The victim said the email appeared to be from the principal at her school in Wake County. She even received it on her Wake County Schools email account.  She was instructed to buy eBay gift cards and then email the card numbers back to him.

The victim did so and lost $2,000 before realizing she had been scammed.

The scammers appear to be doing some research about the business, or in this case the school, before sending the email.  Finding the suspect in this case will be difficult if not impossible.

Authorities are using this incident as an opportunity to warn others about the phishing scam.