Teaching Vacancies Continue

Johnston County School LogoBy Laura Crosio

As Johnston County Schools entered their third week of the 2015-2016 calendar school year, 48 teaching positions in the district still remain unfilled.

Chief Personnel Officer Brian Vetrano said the school’s human resources department is making strides to fill the open positions. Last month, 70 jobs remained.

“We are still not where we want to be but we take time to celebrate the small steps we taking into moving toward that direction,” said Vetrano at the school board’s monthly meeting on Sept. 8th. “We will continue to recruit and employ the most qualified individuals for those teaching positions.”

This year, the district has hired 461 certified and 109 classified employees.

Vetrano also noted teacher turnover rate from last year has increased but those figures will not become public until approved by the state. Turnover data from 2014 was 12.56%.