The Pizza Driver And The Brookie

A pizza delivery driver, a Brookie, and an assault allegation.  Those ingredients ended with charges being filed against the pizza driver Saturday night.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Caldwell said a 35 year-old driver for Papa John’s in Smithfield reported she had been assaulted while making a delivery.  The woman reportedly told officers she made a delivery to an address off Highway 96 North of Selma.  The driver said a Brookie was left off the order and as a result two customers grabbed her, pushed her against a wall and demanded the Brookie or all her money. By the way, a Brookie is a combination of a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie.

The driver took officers back to the home but no one was there, Captain Caldwell said. When deputies went back at the residence a few hours later, the homeowner had just returned from his own birthday party.  Apparently unknown to the delivery driver, the address she pointed out as to where the alleged assault took place had a security camera system. The homeowner invited deputies inside to view the camera footage. Captain Caldwell said the video confirmed there was no pizza delivery, no assault, and no one at the address during the time the alleged incident occurred.

Confronted with the information, Bonnie Jean Bass of Selma allegedly confessed to making up the story but officers still aren’t clear why. She was cited with filing a false police report.