Thieves Steal Propane Tank From Rural Church

Members of a rural Johnston County church said someone stole from their house of worship.

Last Thursday, an elderly member of the Reedy Prong Primitive Church at 3115 Reedy Prong Church Road in the Meadow community reported someone had stolen a propane tank from outside the church. The tank was used to provide heating fuel to keep the church warm during cold weather.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has assigned a detective to the case.  Authorities said there were no signs anyone tried to enter the church, only cut copper lines where the tank had been stolen. The tank and propane were valued at $500.

This marks the 6th church in Johnston County that has been the victim of a crime in the last month. Four churches have reported catalytic converters were removed from their church vans. One church reported their fellowship hall had been broken into and $20 worth of Christmas cookies had been stolen.

Anyone with information about the church thefts is asked to contact the Johnston County Sheriff’s office at 919-989-5000.