‘Tis The Season: Police Investigate Shoplifting Cases

SMITHFIELD – Police are investigating several shoplifting incidents over the holiday season.

On December 21, two men walked into Tommy Hilfiger on Outlet Center Drive. Moments after entering the story, they grabbed 26 Tommy Hilfiger sweaters valued at $2,484 and ran out the door. The suspects were last seen in a white Nissan Maxima traveling towards Selma. The two black male suspects were described as one wearing a red, white and blue hoodie and jeans and the second a blue vest, orange shirt and jeans. Both were wearing masks.

On December 23, two men entered Tommy Hilfiger and picked up $345 in merchandise including two jackets, a long sleeve shirt, and men’s bag. They left the store without paying for the items. The first suspect was described as white male in his early-40’s wearing a gray hoodie, black ballcap, and blue jeans. The second suspect was a white male in his early-20’s wearing a black long sleeve shirt, gray sweatpants, and black beanie.

On December 27, two women and one man entered Rue 21 on Outlet Center Drive. One suspect went to the register to return merchandise and distracted an employee. The other two suspects grabbed 40 pair of jeans from a shelf near the front of the business and left without paying. The jeans were valued at $1,400. Police are working to obtain video of the incident.

Police do not believe the three incidents are connected. All remain under investigation.


  1. This is only the beginning, its going to get much worse. Just wait until the freeloaders get cut off, this is mostly the drug addicts now doing most of the stealing and robbing. The home invasion will become a normal news story in small town America. Locked homes only keep a honest man out but not a desperate man who thinks his payday is on the other side. Good luck and God bless this once great place to live.

  2. It seems that the stores are the outlet center are allowing thieves to go in and take what they want that it almost seems bad that those of us who are honest have to pay top dollar for the items. Why not just offer everything for free? Or better yet, why not offer increased security and locked doors to stop these thugs? Every single week there is a robbery from one or more of these stores. Its almost getting laughable. Inside jobs?

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