Town Approves $50,000 For New Signs

smithfield new sign 1The Town of Smithfield is moving forward with a way-finding project by allocating $50,000 towards the implementation.

The plan, unanimously approved by the Smithfield Town Council this month, calls for new entrance signs near the city limits on US 301 North and South along with East and West Market Streets (US 70).

The project is projected to cost $120,000 with an additional $25,000 needed for signs in the Downtown area. Town Manager Michael Scott said the majority of the money can come from a 2 percent motel occupancy tax the town collects each year through the Johnston County Visitors Bureau.

Scott suggested the Downtown Smithfield Development Corporation and Smithfield Appearance Commission should also be included in the project.

smithfield new sign 2The proposal for 27 signs includes the four gateways along with other smaller signs to point to attractions like the Ava Gardner Museum, Aquatics Center, Outlet Center, and Johnston Community College.  An additional 10 signs are proposed for Downtown Smithfield including signs directing travelers to the town hall, Hastings House, Heritage Center, Greenway, Boat Ramp, and Courthouse.

The larger Gateways signs are estimated to cost around $12,500 each. Depending on the design, the smaller signs will cost up to $3,750 each.

“I am excited about it,” Mayor Andy Moore said. “This will certainly be a great addition to the town.”