Town Approves Extra Funding For Veterans Memorial

Archer-Logdge-TC-7-21-15-FIBy Laura Crosio

Archer Lodge town leaders have unanimously approved an additional $5,000 to replenish the operating budget for a future veteran’s memorial but not without some disagreement.

Committee members appeared before the town council on July 13th asking for the funding. They said $12,747 has been raised by the public sale of memorial bricks but that isn’t enough to offset the estimated $150,000 cost of the project.

Last year, the town offered $2,000 to begin fundraising efforts and those monies have dwindled to pay for ground breaking and marketing expenses, according to committee member and Councilman Mark Wilson.

Councilman Carlton Vinson said he supports the project but expressed concerns with how it was initially presented to the board two years ago. 

“This is the second year we have pulled money in,” he said. “It was supposed to be self-sufficient.”

Wilson said in order to complete the project the town needs to assist with funding.

Mayor Mike Gordon, who also sits on the committee, said he was taken by surprise by the group’s funding request and noted corporate sponsorships were necessary but have yet to be solicited.

“We do anticipate there will be more expenses than we’ve encountered, said Wilson.  The 5,000 square-foot veteran’s memorial was approved by the in January and broke ground in April.