Town Awards $182,270 Sign Contract

In a unanimous vote, the Smithfield Town Council has awarded a $182,270 contract for wayfinding signage.

In August 2016, the town council approved The Wayfinding System Plan to eliminate sign clutter and to create consistent branded signs and styles through the Town to help visitors find their way to key locations.

A sign committee made up of the town’s economic development liaison, planning director, chair of the Appearance Commission, executive director of the Downtown Smithfield Development Corporation (DSDC), and the President/CEO of the Johnston County Visitors Bureau has been working on the sign project to identify sign types and locations.

The committee advertised and received 4 proposals for fabrication and installation of the signs.  ACSM was selected based on the overall project costs, references and unique approach the members said the contractor brings to the project.

The project will be funded by a $99,256 USDA grant, with a local match of $29,375 from the DSDC, and $75,000 from the Johnston County Visitors Bureau two percent tax, not to exceed $203,631.  The ACSM contract for services will not exceed $182,270.  The remaining funds will be used for landscaping, lighting, surveying and related costs.

The sign committee will meet with the contractor before the project begins to determine the number of signs and locations they will be installed.

According to the contract, installation and design of monumental gateway signs will cost $12,050 each, downtown post and panel gateways signs will range between $1,935 and $3,110 each, large trailblazer signs $4,250 each, and small trailblazer signs $4,075 each.