Town Council Satellite Annexes Land For Proposed Subdivision

The Smithfield city limits grew this month by 32 acres.  That’s the size of a tract of land satellite annexed into the city limits this month by the Smithfield Town Council.

Navaho Investment Company LLC requested voluntary annexation of the property while stretches from Galilee Road next to West Smithfield Elementary School south to Black Creek Road.  The property will be home to a new subdivision, which is partially within Smithfield’s ETJ and partially outside.  The subdivision will have approximately 82 lots.

With annexation, the developer can receive town water, sewer and trash collection services.  Electricity will be provided by Duke Energy.

The developer requested several variances to town ordinances. No sidewalks are being proposed but town regulations require sidewalks on one side of each residential street, according to Planning Director Steven Wensman.

The average lot site is 8,310 square foot, with the smallest being around 7,000 square feet.  The Town’s minimum lot size is 15,000 square feet.   Property line setbacks would also be nonconforming under the current proposed layout.

Town Manager Michael Scott said the subdivision will provide about $57,000 annually in tax revenue in addition to revenue from utility services.

Police Chief Keith Powell said annexation would cost the police department an estimated 300 gallons of fuel annually at a cost of approximately $750, plus additional wear on patrol cars, but the amount could be absorbed in the current budget.