Town Councilman Says He Will Not Step Down

Video Of 2017 Traffic Stop, Arrest Released Today

A week after his arrest during Operation JoCo Justice, Four Oaks Town Councilman Chris Haley took his regular seat in the Four Oaks Town Board meeting room Monday night to vote on the budget and a new storm water policy.  He also presented a brief report on sanitation and parks and recreation.

Haley never mentioned his felony drug arrest on June 5th nor did any member of the council or mayor during the 1 hour 15 minute public meeting.

Afterwards, Haley spoke to a reporter for WTSB News.  Haley said he had “no reason” to step down from his position on the town board and had “no comment” about his pending court case.

Haley was arrested by Four Oaks Police as part of a drug roundup in Four Oaks, Selma and Smithfield following a yearlong undercover operation targeting street level sales of meth, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription pills.

According to police and court documents, Haley allegedly sold 6 oyxcodone pills to a confidential informant working with Four Oaks Police on March 6th inside the Four Oaks city limits. The alleged transaction was captured on video and audio.

Haley spent two days in the Johnston County Jail before being released June 7th on a $60,000 bond.

Four Oaks Town Councilman Chris Haley did not discuss his felony arrest and pending court case during Monday’s nights town board meeting. After the meeting Haley said he had “no reason” to step down. He declined to answer any questions. Photo

During the council meeting, Haley sat about 15 feet from Four Oaks Police Chief Stephen Anderson whose officers arrested the town official just a week earlier.

After the meeting, Haley said he had no problem with the working relationship between himself, as an elected official, and Chief Anderson.   Haley said he had retained a lawyer to represent him on the two felony charges he faces from Four Oaks Police, possession with intent to sell or deliver a controlled substance and sell of a controlled substance.

After the meeting, Four Oaks Mayor Linwood Parker said he spoke with Councilman Haley earlier in the day.  Mayor Parker said Haley had not spoken with his attorney yet but had a first court appearance in July.  Mayor Parker said the commissioners could make some sort of decision after the court case is finalized but wanted to give Haley time to speak with his attorney.

Following a Public Records Request, the Selma Police Department today (Tuesday) released a 49 minute video of a June 2017 traffic stop with Councilman Haley.  Last June,  Selma Police said they noticed a white BMW stop in the parking lot of the Master’s Inn motel for about 4 or 5 minutes then leave. Police said in a report the motel is in a high crime area for crimes such as drug sales and prostitution.  Police said they stopped Haley for a traffic violation and during the stop he was “visibly nervous and fidgeting around.”

Click Here To Watch Police Video Of 2017 Traffic Stop With Councilman Haley

In the 49 minute video just released today, you can hear the officer ask Haley if he had

Four Oaks Town Councilman Chris Haley is show in handcuffs in this newly released police video during a traffic stop by Selma Police in June 2017. The 49 minute video was released Tuesday by Selma Police following a Public Records Request by WTSB News. Haley was arrested on a felony weapons charge. The charge was later dismissed.

anything illegal in the car including weapons, which Haley replied no.  Later, Haley said there was a gun in his vehicle. The serial number on the gun had been removed police said.

Haley reportedly told police he had been carrying the .25 caliber weapon for about 10 years in his pocket and the serial number likely wore off from being in his pocket.  Haley could not explain to the officer why the make and model number on the same gun had not worn off.

Councilman Haley had approximately $1,000 in cash in his pockets.

Police said Haley told them he was at the motel to pick up a girl who called and told him she needed a ride home. Haley told WTSB News police made up the story about the female.

Haley also told police he didn’t know it was a high crime area.

Haley was placed in handcuffs and charged with misdemeanor carrying a concealed firearm and felony altering or destroying the serial number on a firearm. He was also charged with driving without a license.

Haley told WTSB News after the 2017 incident he did not realize his driver’s license was suspended until the traffic stop. Haley said he has a commercial license to drive a truck. He claims he passed a physical in December 2016 but the physician failed to send in the paperwork to the DMV, resulting in the suspension. Haley said at the time it was the physician’s fault and he was working to get it corrected.

Haley Tells Police He Is Elected Official
While the arresting officer was processing paperwork at the Selma Police Department in June 2017, Haley reportedly told the policeman, “I got something to tell you, but you’re not going to believe me.”

The officer said Haley then said he was an elected official and a council member in Four Oaks.  The officer then asked Haley if he felt police were treating him unfairly or not doing their job, Haley allegedly replied, “No, you have treated me right and I understand you are doing your job.”

Haley was transported to the Johnston County Jail and released on a $20,000 property bond the next morning.  Later in court, all the charges against Haley were dropped.

In June 2015, Haley was arrested for domestic assault involving his wife. Those charges were also dismissed.