Town Manager Receives Positive Performance Review, Pay Increase

Smithfield Town Manager Michael Scott. File Photo

Smithfield Town Manager Michael Scott received a pay increase following his annual performance review by members of the Smithfield Town Council.

The council met in closed session following their Jan. 8th meeting for the review.

Scott was hired in May 2016 as the town manager. Previously he had been the Smithfield police chief since 2009.

I am very pleased with the high level of dedication and integrity that Manager Scott brings to the table,” stated Mayor Pro Tem Travis Scott after the evaluation. “He has been very focused moving our town in a positive direction. I look forward to the coming years ahead as we all continue to remain dedicated on making our city the best it can, as a team and Mike as our manager.”

“I am very blessed to work with a great staff that continually puts service above self,” the town manager told WTSB. “Our Mayor and Town Council are second to none when it comes to serving the citizens of Smithfield and conscientiously making decisions regarding the spending of tax payer dollars and our community’s future. I would like to thank the people of Smithfield and the Town Council for allowing me to serve this growing community and I look forward to working with everyone as we continue taking the next steps toward our Town’s future.”

Michael Scott had been making an annual salary of $104,499.20.  After his performance review his salary was increased to $110,000 per year.

Scott’s 2016 employment contract includes $300 per month for a car allowance including mileage reimbursement for travel outside Johnston County.  The town pays his dues for civic organizations, $70 per month for use of his cell phone, health insurance and the costs of long term disability insurance.  Scott was also allowed to maintain dual employment as an ‘auxiliary officer’ with the police department so he can retain his NC law enforcement contract. The contract requires an annual formal evaluation of his performance by the council.

In comparison, former Smithfield town manager Paul Sabiston was making $100,000.16 when he was fired from his job in August 2015.

Johnston County Manager Rick Hester’s current annual salary is $180,962.  Clayton Town Manager Adam Lindsay is paid $162,573.  Benson Town Manager Matt Zapp is paid $96,354.  Selma Manager Elton Daniels receives $96,000 and Kenly Town Manager Michael Douglas receives $73,000.