Town Of Clayton Announces 2020 Employee Of The Year

CLAYTON, NC – Facility Maintenance Technician Jamie Ballance is the Town of Clayton’s 2020 Employee of the Year.

Jamie has worked with the Town for eight years. He started in 2012 as a property maintenance worker, and in 2014 moved into his current position – which includes among other responsibilities, keeping the lights on, the HVAC running and the buildings safe and secure for his coworkers.

Over the years, the Pikeville, NC, native has worked in most every Town facility, but he spends a good portion of his time at Town Hall.

Town Clerk Kimberly Moffett said, “Jamie is always professional, calm and very well informed. He does an outstanding job keeping everyone fully informed of all projects taking place at Town Hall. His work quality is outstanding and he has always been an exceptional resource.”

“Jamie’s contributions to the Town have been invaluable,” said Interim Town Manager JD Solomon. “We all appreciate his dedication and service.”

Solomon pointed out that the Employee of the Year award is decided by all of the Town’s department managers. “In a year that has been really trying for everyone, Jamie’s efforts were recognized across all of our departments,” he added.

Jamie said he enjoys his work with the Town, and he thanked his peers and coworkers for nominating him.

“I’ve really enjoyed working for the Town,” he said. “There’s something new to work on every day, and I just try to do the best I can. I think of the Town like family.”

The Town of Clayton Employee of the Year award recognizes significant contributions and excellence in service, behavior, initiative and teamwork by an employee. Other nominees for 2020 are Nader Aboulhosn, Public Information Office; Steve Blasko, Public Works/Operations; Eileen Folger, Holly Franks, Terry Johnson and Terry Williams, all of Customer Service; Chrissy Freeman, Planning Department; Heidi Holland and Sharon Lockamy, Administration, and Tammy Ray, Property Maintenance.

This year, the Town also recognized a group of employees for their efforts to ensure that modifications to Town services during the pandemic caused as little disruption to the public as possible. The Town Manager’s Pandemic Service Awards went to Sharon Lockamy, Administration; Jeffra Patton, Human Resources; Debbie Ragland, Library; Tammy Ray – Property Maintenance; and Holly Franks and Emily Lawhorn, Customer Service.

Honorable Mentions for this recognition are Carlos Terry, Terry Williams, Terry Johnson, Eileen Folger, Ann Warren and Sheri Smith of the Customer Service Department and Mardia Jacobs, Gabe Johnson, Caroline Mak, and Pam Taylor of Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library.