Town of Princeton Receives $400,000 Grant

Town of Princeton LogoThe Town of Princeton has been selected to receive a $400,000 Brownfields assessment grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct environmental site assessments, cleanup planning and community engagement activities.

The successful implantation of prior grants and low interest loans awarded to the Town totaling over $2.7 million since 2000 from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Grant program laid the groundwork for redevelopment by providing sound infrastructure to support future facilities.

These grants were utilized to completely redevelop the Towns’ sewer and water system to ensure future growth capabilities and sound environmental operations.

“We have a proven track record from prior state and federal grants that demonstrates our commitment to use the funds as they were intended,” said Marla Ashworth, Town Administrator.  “I believe our prior accomplishments reflect our dedication and have helped to strengthen our ability to receive more grant money. This funding will allow us to continue reinventing the Town’s image and reutilize abandoned and deteriorating properties in the heart of Town.”

Jason Williams, P.G., Environmental Program Manager for Draper Aden Associates, who helped prepare the grant applications agreed. “These are extremely competitive grants. The EPA certainly considered the town’s ability to redevelop the sites once they are assessed for contamination. Princeton has done a tremendous job meeting the ultimate purpose of this grant program,” he said, “and that may have made all the difference.”

Tasks to be completed under the EPA grant include community engagement activities, a prioritized site inventory, and assessments based on eligibility criteria established by the Brownfields Task Force, comprised of town citizens.

The assessment activities will be focused on corridors established in the grant proposal. These include, but are not limited to the Old Townof Princeton School; Business District (former Gurley Mill, Family Dollar, and historical saw mill locations); and former textile manufacturing facility.

Princeton is the only North Carolina community chosen in this round of funding. EPA’s Brownfields grants totaling $400,000 to the Town of Princeton will help the community conduct environmental assessments of properties and review cleanup options.