Town Of Smithfield Adopts Social Media Policy

Members of the Smithfield Town Council have adopted a new social media policy for appointment board members and elected officials.  Town Manager Mike Scott said he has received positive feedback from staff who reviewed the draft policy prior to its officials adoption in December.

The four page policy allows board members and elected officials to use personal web pages, websites, blogs and social networking sites while off-duty, however, they can not violate town policies, rules and regulations.

Officials will be allowed to express themselves on the internet by making comments and posting personal information, but they are prohibited from releasing confidential information about the Town, its citizens or employees.  Use of social media is also subject to the Town’s Sexual Harassment Policy, Use of Town Supplies Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

Any violation of the policy will be reported to the Human Resources Director or Town Manager.  Violation could result in removal of appointed officials. Elected officials may be requested to resign or reprimanded or subject to a recall petition if found to be in violation.