Town Of Smithfield Endorses CSX Intermodal Terminal

(Left to right) Mayor Andy Moore, Interim Town Manager Jim Freeman and Town Attorney Bob Spence. Photo

In a unanimous vote, the Smithfield Town Council went on record Tuesday night in support of a CSX intermodal terminal in Johnston County.  The resolution was added to the agenda at the last minute.

Signed by all seven council members and Mayor Andy Moore, the resolution is similar to others recently adopted by local chambers of commerce in Smithfield-Selma, Benson and Clayton and the NC Chamber of Commerce.

The resolution states, “The economic impacts of a major infrastructure project like an intermodal terminal represents a substantial opportunity for the long-term growth of Johnston County’s economy which is a benefit for the Town of Smithfield.  “The Town of Smithfield and its businesses will benefit from the project in reducing shipping costs and access to national and global markets.”

“The citizens of the Town of Smithfield will benefit from this project with new well-paying jobs and the possibility of secondary industries to the surrounding areas creating the potential for more jobs.”

“The Smithfield Town Council will support and offer assistance to the Johnston County Board of Commissioners and all stakeholders throughout the development process in order to bring an intermodal terminal to Johnston County,” the resolution stated.

After being signed by the elected representatives the resolution will be forwarded to Johnston County Commissioners, members of the NC General Assembly representing Smithfield, and to CSX Railroad.