Town Of Smithfield Restricts Access To Town Hall

The Town of Smithfield announced Friday they have restricted public access to the Town Hall.  The following statement was released:

In response to COVID-19 and for the safety of our employees and you, we are now further limiting access to Town Hall. You can still make payments at Town Hall but will do so via a speaker placed in our vestibule at the rear of the building. For additional safety, we are only allowing one person at a time in the vestibule. If you are paying with CASH, we ask that you use the drop box attached to the building. 

The following payment options are also still available:

1. Pay online at Click on the “Pay Utility” icon on the homepage.

2. Call 1-855-603-9197 (debit/credit payments only).

3. Place your payment in one of the two drop boxes outside, either the drop box attached to the building OR in the parking lot.

Payments received in either drop box before 5pm will be processed for the date the payment was received.