Town Stunned By Closing Of Post Office

Residents in one Johnston County town are upset their post office has closed.  Last Monday, the US Postal Service abruptly closed the post office in Pine Level.

US Postal Service facility inspectors reportedly determined the leased building had severe damage and was unsafe for both their employees and customers.  Among the reported issues were leaks in the roof, beams coming through the ceiling and cracks in the foundation. There were also unconfirmed reports of mold.

Since last Monday, all mail operations in Pine Level, including the pickup of mail has been transferred to the Selma post office about 3 miles away, where mail is being delivered by hand over the counter.

Because so many people from Pine Level work in other cities, many were unable to get to the Selma Post Office between 8am and 5pm, so the postal service has extended the hours an additional 2 hours and will be open until 7:00pm Monday through Friday. The Selma Post Office is also open from 8:30am until 11:00am on Saturday’s.

About 625 people have post office boxes in Pine Level.

US Congressman David Rouzer said his office has been made aware of the closing and is working with the US Postal Service to try and reach a quick resolution. “The US Postal Service is very much aware of the community’s concern and my own that these repairs occur as quickly as possible,” Rouzer told WTSB News. “Considering that the USPS does not own the building, the owner of the building has passed, and the damage to the building has been determined to be a hazard for customers and employees alike other accommodations are being pursued.  We will continue to work with the USPS to resolve this satisfactorily.”

“We appreciate the postal service attempting to accommodate us with the extended hours,” Pine Level Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Garner told WTSB News on Monday. “However we want a resolution as soon as possible.”

“Seniors who walk to the post office, some can’t drive that far to Selma. It puts them at a great issue,” Garner said. “We’re not mad at the postal service but we don’t want it to go on for a year.”

WTSB News has learned the US Postal Service is working on an Emergency Relocation for the Pine Level Post Office. There is no timeline in place but postal officials are reportedly looking for another site in town to relocate the post office. Whether the new site will be temporary or permanent is uncertain.

The Postal Service has notified Pine Level mail customers about the issues and has apologized for the inconvenience and hardship.


  1. It needed to be closed anyway because the woman who worked there only had the customer service counter open 5 hours a day, from 9 – noon & 2 – 4. Who gets a 2 hour lunch break when they only work 5 hrs a day?????? Must be nice.

    • If you will go during their “lunch break” you can hear them working, during this time. I am sure they probably take an hour, but the remainder of the time, they are busy at work. As for the hours, they are mandated by the USPS and the employees are only following the guidelines set up for them. I agree, sometimes the hours are not convenient, however, that is out of the employees control. I love having a post office and know that is one of the many great things about living, in Pine Level. The staff in courteous, kind, efficient, and really care about the people who live here, in “The Best Little Town in North Carolina”. Tammy and Lucretia are an asset to the post office and our community!

      • If they really cared about the citizens of Pine Level they would have residential mail delivery instead of making us pay every year for a post office box.

        • There IS residential delivery for the Pine Level area and it is through the Selma Post Office. They also serve the rural Micro area.

          • Not if you are in town unless you’re disabled. I even asked the Post Master about it.

          • You could be right about that, but small towns do not have street delivery, per the USPO rules NOT the local post masters. I live on the edge of town and I can have a box but I would be considered Selma. We have great employees at Pine Level and they do all the allowed to do to help the customer. Obviously, you just did not like living in our small town and that is OK. I see you no longer live here and I hope you like your new location. It is a great fit for our family but it might not have been for yours.

    • Ms. Warren,
      I beg to differ with you on the hours the service counter is open. I know for a fact the counter doesn’t close at noon and at 4:00pm. I have been numerous times at 12:25pm to get mail and the door is open and they are working the desk. Same thing at 4:25pm. They do not close the door at 12 nor at 4pm. The door leading to the service counter is open from 9am- 12:30pm and from 2pm to 4:30pm. I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS greeted with a smile.

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