Town To Purchase New Backhoe

The Town of Smithfield Public Works Department will be purchasing a new backhoe.

The Town Council unanimously approved a request to spend $116,097 to purchase a new Caterpillar 420F2 backhoe from Gregory Poole.    The town had originally budgeted $100,000 to purchase a used backhoe but found that many companies were using backhoes for several years and had higher operating hours.

In a report to the town council, Public Works Director Lenny Branch said he found a 2016 model with 1,042 hours for $98,500.  Branch said he felt like a newer machine for slightly more money would be a better deal for the department.

The town will use $100,000 budgeted for the purchase along with $16,097 in savings from the lower than expected cost of a street sweeper to pay for the backhoe.

The backhoe is being purchased under a NC state contract.