Trade Or Sell Rules

Thank you for participating in our trade or sell program!

We ask that everyone please abide by the rules as specified below.

Trade Or Sell Rules:

    • No Firearms (including Ammunition)

    • No Commercial Businesses or Services (including babysitting, handyman jobs, repairs, for hire)

    • No Mattresses Or Sofa Beds

    • No Offer To Pick Up Scrap Metal, Old Cars, Appliances, Batteries, etc.

    • Maximum 3 Items Per Posting

    • Maximum 2 Postings Per 7 Day Period. The second posting, if called in to Trade or Sell Program on WTSB 1090 AM will be aired but not posted on the website. Only 1 posting in a 7 day period will appear on the website.

    • Animals Must Be $25 Or Higher

    • We do allow For Sale By Owner: Real Estate For Sale By Individuals, Including Houses, Mobile Homes, Lots, and Land.

    • (No For Rent or Looking To Rent, Including Vacation Property and Time Shares)

    • Ads will be edited for space. If you suspect a listing is fraudulent call 919-934-6789

    • The Johnston County Report nor WTSB 1090AM/105.5FM Radio will be held responsible for typographical errors.