Train Car Headed To Railroad Museum Breaks Down In Kenly

Every train crossing in the Town of Kenly was blocked for much of Sunday after a rail car became disabled.

The Kenly Fire Department was initially dispatched to check on the 128-car CSX freight train but found no injuries and nothing they could do.

For CSX workers it was a long hot day under the sun making repairs.

The train included a 6-axle “Whopper Hopper” car which was built in 1964 and at one time belonged to the Atlantic Coast Line railroad. It was making its last run on the way to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC when it came apart.   When it broke the train lost air pressure and came to a controlled stop.

A large pin holding the coupler of the old rail car failed.  CSX crews had to respond and fix the broken pin and coupler before the train could move.  But that took several hours.

North and southbound trains, including Amtrak, were delayed. Kenly residents also had to take the long way home for much of Sunday until the giant “Whopper Hopper” car finally rolled on south.  Photos by John Payne.