Truck On I-40 Hit With Object Tossed From Overpass

A homeless teenager is accused of tossing an object off a bridge onto a truck on Interstate 40 Sunday night. It happened around 11:20pm at the Highway 42 bridge over Interstate 40 in the Cleveland community.

michael-harrisA 50 year-old Smithfield man said he was traveling eastbound in a Ford F-150 pickup when an object fell from the bridge striking the passenger side of the windshield directly in front of his wife, a front seat passenger. Fortunately the object did not penetrate the windshield.

Johnston County deputies located 18 year-old Michael Scott Harris walking nearby. Harris allegedly admitted tossing an object off the bridge but claimed it was only a drink cup. Harris was charged with a misdemeanor count of damage to property and jailed under a $2,500 bond.

No one inside the truck was injured. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $1,000.