Two Patrol Cars Purchased For New Traffic Team

A new traffic enforcement team will hit the streets of Smithfield in the near future.  The traffic team will be using two new Dodge Durango pursuit SUV’s approved by the Smithfield Town Council.

Johnston County Report file photo

Deacon Jones in Smithfield was the low bidder for the two patrol vehicles at $33,418, which includes the added options of a rear vinyl seat and tow package.   

The Smithfield Police Department was recently awarded a Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP) grant. The three year grant will cover the majority of the cost for the two-officer traffic team including the cost of patrol cars, equipment, radios, video cameras, officer salaries and benefits, fuel and radar units.

The police department purchased Dodge Durangos instead of Dodge Chargers because the Traffic Grant only allows American made vehicles to be purchased with Federal Grant Money, which is listed in the Buy American Act.  The vehicle must have final assembly in the United States. Dodge Chargers are manufactured in Canada and are not eligible.