Two Store Clerks Cited For Selling Malt Beverages To Minor

20 Smithfield Businesses Checked, 2 Sold Malt Beverages To Minor

SMITHFIELD – The Smithfield Police Department has cited two convenience store clerks for selling malt beverages to an underage person.   Police Captain R. Sheppard said officers have just completed a multi-month compliance check of convenience stores and businesses in the Smithfield city limits to see if clerks would sell alcohol to an underage person working under department supervision.  Twenty businesses were checked. Two reportedly sold to minors.

Police Chief Keith Powell said Monday, “The Smithfield Police Department continues to work diligently with ALE to ensure the safety of our children, when it comes to the sales of alcohol. All the stores in Smithfield were checked and only two sold alcohol to a minor.”

Police said a clerk at Holley’s Open Air Market on S. Brightleaf Boulevard and a clerk at Seventh Street Marketplace on E. Market Street sold malt beverages to the minor. Both clerks were cited.

Eighteen other stores were checked, however the clerks refused to sell to the minor. Those businesses were:

Speedway – N. Brightleaf Boulevard
Speedway – S. Brightleaf Boulevard
Speedway – E. Market Street
Loma Linda’s – S. Brightleaf Boulevard
Super Discount – S. Brightleaf Boulevard
CITGO – Brogden Road
Sheetz – E. Market Street
Carolina Pottery Outlet Center – Outlet Center Drive
T-Mart – Buffalo Road
Carlie C’s IGA – N. Brightleaf Boulevard
Murphy’s Express – N. Brightleaf Boulevard
Kangaroo – N. Brightleaf Boulevard
BP – Highway 210
The Spot – W. Market Street
USA Mart – Wilson’s Mills Road
3G Mart – Stancil Street
BP – S. Third Street
Compare Foods – S. Brightleaf Boulevard

Smithfield Police also notified NC Alcohol Law Enforcement of the two clerks who sold to the underage person.  If convicted, the clerks could face probation and fines.