Update: Missing Blind 3-Legged Therapy Dog Found Dead

A sad update to a story we brought to you on Monday. A missing blind 14 year-old therapy dog named Killer who disappeared from his home Sunday night has been found dead.  No foul play is suspected.

Steven Corbett had owned the 20-pound black and tan miniature pincher shortly after he was born. Around 5:15pm Sunday, Corbett said he took Killer outside his home in the 9200 block of Highway 222 near Crocker’s Nub Road to feed him and to allow him to use the bathroom.  Because Killer is blind and nearly deaf, the dog stands in the same spot in the yard and waits for Corbett to return minutes later.

Unfortunately, while Killer was in the yard another animal – possibly a deer – ran through Corbett’s yard, startling the 3-legged dog causing him to run away.  Since Killer couldn’t see, he could not find his way back home.

Corbett said he spent 11 hours Sunday night and Monday morning searching for his therapy dog without any luck.   Monday afternoon, WTSB News reported on the story hoping someone in the Crocker’s Nub community outside of Kenly might see the missing animal.

Unfortunately, Killer was found dead Tuesday morning in a field about 1-1/2 miles away from his home.  Corbett said he was uncertain if Killer froze to death or died from natural causes.  Corbett said the animal was in poor health and he hated to see him die alone in the middle of a field.