Used Car Lot Approved

The Smithfield Town Council has approved another used car lot in West Smithfield despite several issues raised by town staff.

Following a brief discussion, the 7-member council voted unanimously to approve a request by Extra Mile Motors to operate on West Market Street (US 70) near Highway 210.  The dealership will operate a sales lot designed to accommodate 10 vehicles.

Paul-Embler-Car-LotThe property is located within the 100 year flood plain.

According to town land use guidelines, the sales lot was “…inconsistent with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plans which calls for Conservation / Open Space lane uses in areas where there is the potential for flooding or the need for buffering.”

A town report obtained by WTSB News indicated, “An automobile sales lot at this location will pose a compatibility issue with surrounding land uses and may contribute to urban blight found throughout this portion of the entrance corridor.”

The applicant, Seamus Costello of Garner, plans to operate an Internet auto sales business at the location.  The town council was notified by staff about the potential issues but still voted unanimously for the approval.