Utility Bills Delayed

The Town of Smithfield announced Wednesday that approximately 800 customers did not receive their utility bills this month. That is about 20 percent of all town customers.

Those who didn’t receive their bills all have a May 20th due date. Officials said the bills were not mailed by a third-party vendor.

It is uncertain at this time what caused the issue.  The town staff is working with the vendor and the financial software provider to determine the problem so that it does not happen in the future. Persons receiving e-bills or that have direct bank draft are not affected.

Town staff are having to identify each customer that were not mailed their utility bill, but that will take some time.  Any customers that have not received their utility bill are asked to call the Town of Smithfield at 919-934-2116 Extension 1101 to receive a copy of their utility bill and their invoice information.

“The Town will work with our customers while we get this issue resolved,” according to Tim Kerigan, Public Information Officer for the Town of Smithfield. “The town encourages each customer affected to call the Town to get a copy of their bill.”