Venture Drive Paving Contract Awarded

After years of delays, a major thoroughfare in poor condition between North Brightleaf Boulevard and Outlet Center Drive in Smithfield will be reconstructed this Spring.

Tuesday night, a $603,592 bid was awarded to Turner Asphalt to resurface Venture Drive. The only other bid submitted was from S.T. Wooten which was $870,700 for the work.

The company will use the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) method to resurface the roadway, allowing a portion of the asphalt ground up to be reused in the new pavement.  In February, bids using traditional paving methods came in over budget.

The Town of Smithfield has $700,000 in their budget this year for the repaving. Because the amount was well under budget, the Town will also resurface a section of Peedin Road from Venture Drive to the railroad tracks at an additional cost of $58,650 bringing the total repaving bill to $662,242.

Monday night, Smithfield Town Manager Michael Scott appeared before Johnston County Commissioners asking them to pay for all or a portion of the repaving. Scott said the town council believed the county should share in the cost because businesses along Venture Drive create a large share of sales tax revenue for the county each year.  Chairman Jeff Carver said the board would take his request under advisement.